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Avant-Garde is proud to be a global-leading turnstile provider. We tailor access control solutions, helping you leverage products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

Some of our premier manufacturers include:

Alvarado – U.S.-based Alvarado manufactures turnstiles, gates, queuing, and asset protection products that empower security, entertainment, retail, and warehouse applications.

Boon Edam U.S. – Boon Edam U.S. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security entrance solutions, revolving doors, and security portals.

Tansa Security – Earning quality certifications such as the ISO 9001, Tansa Security has gained international recognition, exporting key entrance solutions to over 40 countries.

Bringing You Access to a Vast Selection of Turnstiles

Skidata – Skidata enables fast and secure access. This manufacturer’s products facilitate people as well as vehicles moving through ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, wellness facilities, fairs, and theme parks.

Perey Turnstiles – Globally known, Perey Turnstiles offers trusted optical turnstiles, glass lane turnstiles, waist high turnstiles, and access control gates; each custom-designed and manufactured in the U.S.

ÖZAK – Founded in 1974, ÖZAK stands as Turkey’s first and leading turnstile producer, creating quality pedestrian and vehicle access control systems.

Discover Cutting-Edge Access Control and Security Solutions

Orion Entrance Control – Orion Entrance Control manufactures the latest in access control and security turnstiles, speed lanes, and software; opening crucial access to the new DoorGuard control access systems.

Kouba Systems – Serving end users, consultants, as well as security integrators, Kouba Systems offers everything from optical turnstiles, mantrap systems (interlocking door controls), and tailgate equipment to local door alarms.

Gunnebo Group – Gunnebo is a multinational corporation headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. This manufacturer specializes in developing security products, services, and solutions; especially those that drive better cash management, entrance control, safe storage, and integrated security.

If You Need a Turnstile Solution, Avant-Garde Has It

Fastlane Turnstiles – Fastlane’s security turnstiles leverage highly effective technology to serve clients and their respective needs. This manufacturer’s intelligent designs grant authorized users immediate access (in under a second) while improving acceptance among users and reducing false alarms.

Turnstile Factory – Turnstile Factory is a globally trusted name in pedestrian control devices. Made in Ohio and shipped worldwide, this manufacturer’s selection makes quality, reliable turnstiles affordable.

dormakaba – dormakaba offers industry-leading door hardware, electronic access and data, entrance systems, interior glass systems, lodging systems, and safe lock products. This manufacturer distributes advanced complete security and access control solutions.

Specialized Turnstile Products to Achieve Powerhouse Security

Automatic Systems – Automatic Systems, a subsidiary of Bolloré Group, specializes in the automation of powerful secure entrance control. For over half a century, Automatic Systems has designed and manufactured high-performing vehicle, pedestrian, and passenger access control equipment. Today, this manufacturer’s products serve over 90 million people across the globe.

Smarter Security – Smarter Security makes top-of-the-line turnstiles and sophisticated entrance control solutions that help organizations protect their people and assets.

Integrated Design Limited – Integrated Design Limited (IDL) brings together the best in technological innovation and cutting-edge design. This manufacturer’s security products have led at the forefront of entrance control design and technology. Integrated Design Limited's products ensure customers around the world benefit from effective and safe authorized access to controlled spaces; without ever having to compromise on their design requirements.

A World of Turnstiles Within Reach

Delta Turnstiles – Building high value, U.S.-made turnstiles and access control hardware, Delta Turnstiles delivers on three fundamental principles: focus, quality, and responsiveness.

Designed Security – Striving to uplevel security performance since 1982, Designed Security is the industry leader in optical turnstiles, tailgate detection, and door management alarms.

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