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Custom Fabrication

We Think Outside the Box

Avant-Garde considers the following variables every time we approach a client’s custom fabrication objectives: 

  • Performance
  • Application
  • Cost
  • Availability

Other existing manufacturers are limited to thinking inside the box in terms of design. Here at Avant-Garde, our team is able to customize standard products to meet special needs, going above and beyond to provide you with custom products that simply aren’t available on the shelf. 

Leverage Our Top 5 Custom Fabrication Services

  1. Re-galvanizing
  2. Custom powder coating
  3. Manufacture card reader boxes to meet your custom requirement
  4. Modifications to existing gates and full height turnstiles
  5. Manufacture custom infill to meet your specific location

Choose a Carefully Tailored Solution

Installing and servicing reputable secured entry solutions across the globe, Avant-Garde has the experience to customize products to fulfill your objectives. Our team will take your request, working with our local manufacturing suppliers and design teams to make new parts or customize existing products. 

Reach out to Avant-Garde today and explore powerful custom fabrication option possibilities — all within budget!

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