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Conceptual & Project Drawings

Everything at Avant-Garde comes down to how we can best serve our customers. From whether you need one or multiple turnstiles installed to durable canopies and people counters, every step of our installation process is customer-driven; shaped by your project’s individual details. Avant-Garde’s in-house design and engineering teams are ready to tailor concepts and drawings to match your unique needs and applications. 

In some cases, we offer project-specific drawings. Other clients benefit from turnstile renderings, showing a preview of how each turnstile will appear in a particular environment. First, Avant-Garde will provide you with initial drawings. Then, our design and engineering teams will make appropriate edits, based on both customer as well as contractor feedback. 

How We Ensure Success:

Embarking on Our 6-Step Process

  1. Initial discovery conversation. 
  2. Client provides photos and drawings of the area or entrances.
  3. Physical site visit.
  4. Proposal creation and submission. 
  5. Renderings, if applicable.
  6. If accepted, project management begins. 

We won’t dive into project management until you are satisfied with the carefully tailored plan ahead. This is how we move forward with developing the right secured entry solution for your business. 

The Key Factor: Indoors vs. Exterior

The ultimate indicator of how we prepare for successful installation — your environment. After all, interior compared to exterior applications for turnstiles call for different elements; from security level, foot traffic, egress, ADA requirements, space requirements, and mounting options to budget. Avant-Garde will factor in each variable to determine which is the key solution your entrance needs. Because some products are interior only, we factor that in before making any critical decisions. 

Trusting the Experts

While there are unforeseen challenges on any project site, retrofit projects especially can alter the process of installation from the way we first map out preliminary designs. That’s why it makes a difference to trust reputable experts with the success of your project’s installation. Avant-Garde’s team is well-known across the industry for our expertise with navigating complex retrofits. We know how to uplevel buildings designed and built long before security was factored into the picture. 

Call us today, and begin initial discovery conversations with a skilled Avant-Garde specialist! 

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