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Secured Entry Design

When we talk to a new client, the first question we ask is: “What is your need?” This is fundamentally how we approach each secured entry design project — because by understanding the root of the problem, we can design and engineer a powerful solution. 

Key Design Factors to Consider

Some clients are looking to boost the security of their area. Some seek a design that helps ensure loss prevention. From member verification to health and safety verification, there are a multitude of design considerations to examine, including the following:

  • Level of security required
  • Throughput required (per minute)
  • Type of credentials: 
    • Proximity card, bar or QR code, facial recognition, fingerprint or hand geometry, etc. 
  • Whether metal detection or weapons scanning is required
  • Whether elevator integration (sometimes referred to as an ‘elevator dispatch’) is required
  • Indoor or outdoor environment

Tailoring a Solution to Meet Your Needs

If a client operating a larger business is trying to secure various locations, this adds additional layers of complexity; a bigger picture that Avant-Garde navigates with care. We take pride in the relationships we build with our customers, discussing long-term goals, budget objectives, current equipment, security protocols, maintenance requirements, and any element that could factor into crafting an effective secured entry solution. 

Gauging Security for Your Environment

Following the discovery stage, we review any drawings, photos, or videos of your location’s surroundings, so we can gain familiarity of the environment; offering us insight into how to tackle the installation of your secured entry design solution. Assessing the information at hand, one of our highly trained technicians will then schedule a follow up call and site visit with you, so we can analyze the area. This site visit can include consulting or working with a general contractor, architect, or facilities team. 

Delivering a Valuable Solution

In the final stages of our secured entry design process, we will create solutions, delivering you a customized proposal; directly responding to your needs. With an AADM certification and years of experience designing valuable solutions for businesses around the world, Avant-Garde has the proficiency to bring your secured entry design to life. 

Whether you need an innovative solution to secure a new building or rely on a capable team, primed to deploy solutions into existing buildings with retrofit installations, Avant-Garde is ready to help you. Our highly skilled experts can fulfill an almost unlimited variety of custom finishes and options. Contact us today to see how Avant-Garde’s design and engineering solutions can empower you to achieve your security goals! 

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