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Turnstile Canopies

Protect Precious Equipment in Any Climate

Providing complete cover for turnstiles, a prefabricated turnstile canopy works well in all types of facilities. Adding a canopy delivers powerful protection from inclement weather — fundamental for shielding keycard readers or other sensitive access control equipment. Because these units ship fully assembled, Avant-Garde can achieve installation with minimal impact to your schedule or operation. 

Increase Security at Your Facility

Preventing risks to security, it is critical to strictly control access into government or factory buildings. This is where turnstiles come in — your instrumental solution to strengthening overall facility security.

Consider that if your turnstile is outdoors with equipment from keycard readers to other access control equipment, a turnstile shelter offers further protection; no matter the weather. Keeping your employees, equipment, and buildings safe is imperative.

A turnstile canopy restricts trespassers from climbing over turnstiles, blocking any unauthorized access to your facility. Installing additional steel tube frames below your shelter’s windows thwarts anyone trying to slide underneath, further insulating access to your facility. 

Benefit from Quick, Easy Construction

Avant-Garde can adapt the design of a turnstile canopy to your specific application. Even if the space of your turnstile’s location is limited, Avant-Garde can optimize it for you. While for most sites, we can use a forklift for installation, when Avant-Garde works within a narrow space’s limitations, our team utilizes a crane.

With our resources and skill set, construction is flexible, which means there is no need to have to alter the space. These canopies arrive fully constructed, ready for us to quickly install, bolting them down on your new or existing concrete slab. 

Consult with Avant-Garde's Design and Engineering Teams

Our design and engineering teams are ready to work with you, offering each client a free, on-site consultation. Draw on our experience and expertise as we help you design the right turnstile shelter for you. 

Construction options for turnstile canopies include:

  • Tint your standard fixed window glazing (3/16 inch tempered safety glass) to reduce glare.

  • You can also choose instead to replace with optional polycarbonate glazing, which will resist breakage.  
  • Add lighting, giving your security cameras more clarity.

  • This will also offer employees enhanced visibility — so they can better see who is entering and exiting through the turnstile.
  • Notably, all fixed window frames are designed to be maintenance-free with anodized aluminum.

Avant-Garde's Turnstile Canopies Keep Clients and Equipment Safe

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