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Attractive Turnstiles Assist with Campus Security

April 11, 2017  |  News , Security
Avant Garde Turnstiles Campus Security Turnstiles

Secure Functionality with a Fresh, Upscale Look

Turnstiles today offer a lot more options than just the traditional three arm turnstiles most commonly found in theme parks and stadiums. The options available today offer a wide variety of functionality and design; from the bulky, traditional turnstile to the sleeker, slimmer, more aesthetically appealing. With state-of-the-art takes on administering exceptional safety, these turnstiles are growing in popularity at colleges and universities across the country. 

Avant Garde Turnstiles Campus Security Optical Turnstiles Hayward

Customize to Enhance Campus Aesthetics

Optical turnstiles have a crisp, upscale design and blend in with the modern recreational centers that serve as the center of many campuses. Many of these turnstiles can even be customized to match with colors and other décor. Logos and mascot images can be added to clear panels and LED illumination is sometimes added for decorative purposes. However, what matters most when choosing a turnstile is, of course, functionality. Turnstiles must provide the security you’re looking for above all else.

Upgraded Safety Within Your Means

Campus turnstiles can have a variety of functions so it’s crucial to evaluate what the true need for the turnstile is.  Turnstiles can be used to track traffic to the area or can be integrated with student access cards to the area.

When adding turnstiles to safeguard your facility, it's critical to work with a professional who can help you choose the right turnstile for your budget, interior décor, and security needs. Let us help you invest in turnstiles wisely — call Avant-Garde Turnstiles!

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