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Retrofits & Upgrades

With our vast selection of turnstiles, Avant-Garde offers enhanced retrofits and upgrades — bringing you versatile options to boost your security. 

Tailor Your Turnstile Solutions with Flexibility

We believe in providing our customers with every resource to detect and prevent tailgating. Each one of our turnstile solutions is capable of being retrofitted. For customers with existing equipment, Avant-Garde additionally provides limited availability on upgrades. Our team of turnstile experts can work with you to see how we can best meet your goals.

Ask Us About Our Retrofit or Upgrade Possibilities

Upgrade your Alvarado turnstiles, and your business can offer streamlined, touch-free passage for users with motorized innovation — complete with power assist features. Whether you’re facing hot or cold environments, removing touch from the equation helps to prevent the spread of germs; and is far easier on each user’s hands. This sleek upgrades will help ensure higher levels of safety.

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