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Turnstile Shelters

Providing complete cover for turnstiles at all types of facilities, prefabricated turnstile shelters offer incredible protection against inclement weather. Especially when keycard readers or other sensitive access control equipment are at stake, that protection makes a pivotal difference. Because these units ship fully assembled, Avant-Garde can achieve installation with minimal impact to your schedule or operation. 

Protect Your Outdoor Security Solutions

To supervise security, any access into government or factory buildings must be strictly controlled. This is where turnstiles come in; with shelters giving you the ability to keep your security system safe from outdoor variables at play. 

Elevate Security at Your Facility

Turnstile shelters can also ward off trespassers, blocking them from climbing over turnstiles and trying to gain unauthorized access to your facility. Additionally, when you install steel tube frames under the shelter’s windows, you prevent intruders from sliding underneath; keeping access to your facility restricted to those meant to be there. When it comes to protecting your employees, equipment, and buildings, reliable security solutions are essential. 


Construction options for turnstile shelters include:

  • Add lighting — your employees and security cameras will be better able to see anyone entering or exiting through the turnstile. 
  • Select to tint standard fixed window glazing (3/16 inch tempered safety glass), and reduce glare.
  • You can also instead replace with optional polycarbonate glazing to resist breakage. 
  • All of our fixed window frames are made of maintenance-free anodized aluminum. 

Take Advantage of Quick, Easy Construction

Avant-Garde can adapt the design of a turnstile shelter to your specific application. However limited the space of your turnstile’s location, our team has the capabilities to maximize it for you. Most sites call for a forklift for installation. When the space around a site is narrow, we leverage a crane to optimize those limitations. 

Because of our training and expertise, we make construction flexible, so we won’t have to alter your space to accommodate a turnstile shelter. Our turnstile shelters arrive fully constructed, set for quick installation. Avant-Garde’s team of professionals are ready to bolt the shelters down on your new or existing concrete slab. 

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Avant-Garde’s design and engineering teams will work with you to help you design the best possible turnstile shelter for your facility and location. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation! 

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