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Hayward Configuration Details

What you get and the benefits.

Save money by packaging the Hayward HT431 full height turnstile with our Rizon TC-10 canopy. The canopy comes left or right side configurable; and the combination of the two provides an easy to install, fully secured entry turnstile  that is protected in all weather elements, and made right here in the USA.

Hayward HT431

The HT431 is Hayward’s flagship full height turnstile. It is a popular full height turnstile, because it is extremely dependable, easy to install, and made right here in our USA-based manufacturing facility. The HT431 offers a comfortable passage width of 31 inches and it can conveniently integrate with virtually any access control software or hardware. Plus, each HT431 full height turnstile comes with three free safety sleeves to enhance usability and add protection.

Rizon TC-10

The Rizon 8.5’ X 10’ turnstile canopy is designed to provide a covering over any single or tandem full-height turnstile. With an all-steel construction, this product will not only protect your turnstiles but also provide long-lasting coverage. This design features a sloped roof with a drain and downspout on the left or right of the canopy. The painted finish can be customized using on of our Rizon standard or custom color selections.